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Heather Fantasia 3 Hamster Mouse Gerbil Cage Blue


Heather Fantasia 3 Blue

The Little Zoo Heather Fantasia cage is the perfect set up for your companion. Completely blue plastic cage with white bars and various coloured accessories

Each cage comes with three levels, exciting tubing system which can be woven between all 3 floors, 2 exercise wheels, 2 feeder bowls, a water bottle and animal house.This cage is suitable for the smaller sized Syrian Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters and Gerbils.

Please be aware that the cage may not be suitable for a larger sized Syrian Hamster.

Please note this cage has a degree of exposed plastic parts which could be chewed by the pet

Measurements: 40W x 26D x 53H cm Bar Spacing 1cm

What to expect in your box: The cage will arrive flat packed.  It will include 1x roof panel, 1x base, 2x middle platform, 6x solid plastic side sections, 1x wire panels for back, 1x wire panels for front, 2x wheel, 1x water bottle, 1x sleeping house, 2x feeding bowl, 10x attachment rings, 7x tubes, 8x cage clips and 3x flat stoppers. 

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