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Henry Explorer 2 Hamster Mouse Gerbil Cage Brown


Henry Explorer 2 Brown

The Little Zoo Henry Explorer 2 is a special home for Syrian Hamsters, Mice and Gerbils (though some gerbils are prone to excessive chewing therefore plastic items may not be suitable).

The tubes provided with the cage loop in and out of the cage giving your friend hours of climbing fun. With 2 shelves and a ladder for exploring his new home, an exercise wheel and and a food bowl and water bottle. The cage also comes with his very own little dome home to curl up in after a busy days exploring.

Size: H45cm x W45cm x D30cm.  Cage has 1cm bar spacing and 5cm tube width.

Cage will arrive flat packed and assembly will be required. 
1 x roof panel, 1 x cage section with front door, 1 x base tray, 2 x shelves, 1 x sleeping bed, 2 x ladders, 
1x water bottle and 2 water bottle brackets, 2 x cage clips, 1 x wheel, 1 x food bowl, 13 x tubes, 16 pink bands and 1 x stopper. 
Colours of cage items may vary, images may not always be the same as box content.

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