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  • Out & About

    Your bird doesn`t need to be confined to the house. Travel cages, especially our new Rainforest Travellor http://www.scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk/rainforest-travellor are a safe and secure way for your bird to experience new adventures, soak up the sunshine and be a bigger part of family life. You might want to simply put your bird outside in the travellor for half an hour while you hang ut the washing or mow the lawn. You might be having family round and he might enjoy 4 or 5 hours out there watching the kids play. Sometimes it`s nice to pop him in the car and take him to pick the kids up from school or go visit a friend without the worry or guilt of how long your bird has been left home alone. With the 2 feeder bowls and the seat belt securing gripper this opens up a completely new adventure for you and your bird, the options are endless. Here is our video to show just how easy they are to put together and just how safe they are for taking all small and medium birds out with you

  • Cleaning

    Although your bird may like to make a mess they are very clean animals by nature. In a home or aviary environment it is important to ensure you clean with bird safe products which will not damage their delicate air sacks or irritate their skin. failure to use the correct cleaning products could lead to the death of your bird, it really is that important. The F10 range offers products 100% safe to use around your bird from odour eliminators (bird safe air fresheners) to cleaners and soaps.
    Here`s a short video with just some of our range

  • First Aid Kits

    Very important to have handy in case of broken blood feathers, injured or bitten toes, all sorts of things can happen and in the event of an accident you need to be able to take emergency action to make your bird stable while you contact an avian vet.
    Here is ours with a short video explaining what`s inside

  • Wesco Kabobs

    Wesco kabobs are a completely unique toy. Made from only Yucca their sponge like texture is great for encouraging birds to chew. They are 100% biodegradable so good for the environment and come in such a variety for all birds from large to small. Here`s a short video (Sorry that Harley was having a Scragbag day and wouldn`t join in) but it might help you decide which is the best design for your bird

  • Hormones

    The time is upon us again where the feather pluckers get that bit balder, the out of the blue bites start to happen, the frustration kicks in and we ask ourselves...why do we do this! It`s all too easy to assume your bird has turned nasty, no longer likes you or is being 'bad' but this is not the case at all.
    Hormones WILL pass, it is a phase and every bird goes through it at some stage (I think Harley has been going through it for the last 10 years). Our new Beaphar range can help, with a plumage spray, some spot on and wormers for birds who are going outside to enjoy the nice weather, and also our plucking stop it. Not just for birds who feather pluck this does help some birds in calming hormones too.
    Here`s a quick video demonstrating just some of the things that can help

  • Fussy feeder?

    Is your bird fussy over what he will eat? You probably waste a lot of food by having to buy lots of different vegetables just to get a variety. Well now there`s no need. Exclusively to Scarletts and developed by oursleves and the staff we have our Premium Harvest vegetable Mix. A great big bowl of goodness which requires no cooking at all. A quick meal for people on the go, ready in 5 minutes just add hot water. Customer feedback has been amazing from fussy Parakeets to scaredy cat Greys they are loving it, and not forgetting our own Macaws who were tucking in straight away. You can also hide any vitamin powders in this mix and should your bird require medication this is a stress free way to get it administered.
    Available to buy now


    and if you don`t believe us check out our Facebook page to see customer comments, pictures and videos.


    You can feed it dry though it's better soaked, and you can add a variety of extras such as egg, pasta etc. Serve warm or cold, the question is....how do you eat yours!


  • Illness

    Not all illnesses need medical attention, once your avian vet has checked your bird over you may not be aware of some great products out there to help all manner of ailments. Did you know probiotics are great after you've used antibiotics? They help restore your birds body back to normal and get them eating again.
    I had completely missed the fact that Guardian Angel is not just for severely sick birds, whilst it is amazingly beneficial for dehydration and illness it`s also an immune booster. You can watch our video now and hear how we`ve been using it to help Harley, there's also a handy guide on where you can find bird insurance

  • Insurance

    Something we don`t like to think of is our birds getting ill, but unfortunately, sometimes, despite every effort to keep them well...they simply do.
    Having an ill bird is an extremely worrying and stressful time and the last thing you want to be worrying about is the cost of medication and vets bills. We`d all do whatever it took to make our birds well again and pet insurance can help make that a smoother process.
    ExoticDirect offer insurance for a wide range of parrots including African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos and more. They also cover smaller birds including cockatiels, parakeets, budgerigars and more. Established since 1996 they are experienced and sympathetic, understanding the kind of problems exotic bird owners can face.
    Click the link below for a no obligation quote with ExoticDirect. Pet insurance can offer peace of mind in covering vet bills, so that if your bird gets sick you can concentrate on looking after him and getting him well”

  • Happy New Year

    The Christmas period was a busy one for us here at Scarletts. We have been setting in motion lots of exciting projects for 2017. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you and your flocks the very best in 2017.
    I think my new years resolution has to be to be more adventurous with the food for our birds, more Noodles, more Gourmet foods and pushing the healthy stuff like Figs and soaking pulses. It only takes 5 minutes in the day and you can feed the entire flock!
    We started the new year as all bird owners do, stripping down the cages, scrubbing perches and renewing toys, so the staff here have the best start to 2017 we can give them.
    A time I feel also to remember Oliver, our much loved and sadly lost Greenwing who was the inspiration for our business. You can read his story here, sleep peacefully Oliver, we love you big guy x


  • New toys...important?

    It`s easy to think our birds already have enough toys in their cages but in the wild their surroundings are always changing, there is always something new to see and chew and we need to replicate that in the home to prevent boredom which can lead to feather plucking.
    We have a toy box and we rotate the toys so nothing goes to waste and our birds never get bored.
    We`ve just added over 50 new toys to our website which vary in size, style and texture. Some birds love to destroy wood, others prefer to just pick at smaller things like the bird safe dice and beads, while others love nothing more than shredding. I hope at Scarletts we have managed to provide a balance of all these so your birds are never bored.
    You can find all our latest items here http://www.scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk/new

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