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Ceramic Clamp for D3 UV Basking Lamp


Ceramic Clamp for UV D3 Basking Lamp

The Arcadia clamp lamp fitting is a fully inclusive kit, containing everything you need to fit Mercury vapour lamps (and other light and heat sources), over an open table. Using the Arcadia vivarium adapter, you can fit it inside a vivarium as well.

The kit includes a hand spun reflector dome, an adjustable C clip, a removable safety cage, a fully adjustable clamp assembly and a internal vivarium adapter. The unit is fully adjustable to get the right angle needed for your enclosure and also has a power switch in the mains cable to allow easy switching.

Everything that is required for out of the box installation is included. We have even included the screws needed to fit this unit inside a wooden vivarium. This fitting is ideal to be used with the Arcadia D3 UV basking lamps and the Arcadia Halogen heatspots.

For lamps less over 100W

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