Meet The Staff

Alfie boss 

               Alfie Top Dog at Fraser Promotions

Alfie is the boss! Such an active dog he`s always busy testing out the dog goodies, and the cat, rabbit and small animal ones if he gets half a chance! He loves to come out in the van to the warehouse but is equally happy snuggled by someones side as they do the office work. Alfie is 2 years old and follows a succession of dogs I have had all my life since I was a young boy. Alfies favourite hobbies on his time off are rounding up the chickens of an evening time, or playing with his squeaky toys, he just loves latex and rubber squeaky toy


                     Milo The Naughty Labrador!   


Milo is a very young very energetic labrador who likes to 'borrow' other peoples posessions. They can usually be found hidden in his bed, from marker pens from the office to bubble wrap from the warehouse Milo has been known to stash all kinds of goodies! He is well trained on the lead and loves long country walks so he`s great for trying out all our harnesses and collars, not to mention the dog beds.....he needs his sleep after a 10 mile trek through the woods!



        Jasper Who loves to chew


Jasper loves all natural toys. Hay, willow, bark, vine he`s first in there with treats and toys. When the vets advised he was gaining weight we gave him the small animal treat balls to encourage him to work for his treats. Racing around the rooms worked, he`s a fit healthy bunny with great dental hygiene due to his chewing! He`s always telling Milo off, they are closely supervised but the best of friends.



  Norman & Prince Lazy Puddy Cats 

Cat staff 2

These guys like to take life easy. Comfort is everything for them and although they can often be found quite happily snoozing in a plant pot they do like their home comforts and a plush bed to curl up in means everything to them. Far from being the hunters they leave that to the kitten and laze away the days in the warmest spot they can find. Prince loves his treats and soon wakes up to the jingle of the dinner bowl filling up!

                    Misty The Curious Kitten Kitten

Hmmmm where do we start with this little guy. His curious big eyes say it all, he`s always on the go! Chasing toys is his favourite thing in the world and when he`s fed up of his toys (not, of course, that he ever gets fed up of Frasers cat toys)!, he will pounce on leaves blowing by on the wind or anything he can find. He especially loves Catnip and after a few hours of chasing and leaping around he`ll climb to the highest spot on the scratching posts and laze around where he has a birds eye view of what`s going on.


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